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Old Görlitz railway station, end of 19th century. (glass pane, cracked) 

Robert Scholz (1843-1926): Görlitz railway station, 1928. Photos (2x): Ratsarchiv Görlitz 

Model of the Görlitz railway station, modeler: Ingo Wobst, scale 1:87, Photo: SMG 

Construction of the railway line between Hirschberg and Löwenberg 1906-09, Photo: Muzeum Karkonoskie w Jeleniej Górze 

Attention Train!
175 years railways in Silesia

September 2nd 2017 – September 2nd 2018

2017 is a meaningful year for the railway history in Silesia because we can celebrate several jubilees: the first Silesian railway started between Breslau and Ohlau in 1842, Görlitz was connected to the rapidly developing railway network between Silesia and Saxony in 1847, the present Görlitz railway station was opened in 1917.

For this reason, the Silesian Museum in Görlitz presents an exposition where the rapid development of the Silesian railway network and the related boom in industry and tourism are illustrated.

It took only a few years to establish railroad connections from Silesia to Berlin, Vienna, and Warsaw. The rail traffic expanded especially in the Upper Silesian mining and iron hut district. Also a large number of local and private lines which had been constructed especially in the Giant Mountain region and in the County of Kladsko with their extremely challenging topographical conditions were crucial. Their significance for industry and tourism can be demonstrated using the example of the Zackenbahn (Izera Railway) between Hirschberg (Jelenia Góra) and Polaun (Kořenov) in Bohemia.

The railway is still a very important economic factor for the Görlitz region because a comprehensive wagon building industry established here from 1847. The still famous express railcar “Fliegender Hamburger” (DRG Class SVT 877) was built in Görlitz in the 1930ies.

An 18-m-long and 2.5-m-wide true to original architectural model (on a scale of 1:87) of the Görlitz railway station of 1917 is the main attraction of our exposition. It is shown in full size for the first time.

During the next 12 months, the exposition will be complemented by several special presentations. Outlook:

October 15th, 2017 – January 14th, 2018
“The Bobertalbahn – The railway line between Hirschberg and Löwenberg”.
Historic photographs from the Muzeum Karkonoskie w Jeleniej Górze / Giant Mountain Museum Jelenia Góra 

January / February 2018
Wagon signs from the collection of the Muzeum Regionalne w Lubaniu / Regional Museum Luban

May 2018
Model railroad layout of the Zackenbahn (Izera Railway) between Hirschberg and Grünthal/Polaun of the Verein Schlesische Gebirgsbahnen, Dresden (with driving operation at weekends)